At Stonecipher Hughes, the strength of our firm can be found in our client relationships. We believe it is important to take the time to learn about you, your needs, your goals and hopes. In order to custom tailor legal services to better serve you, we place high value in understanding your unique situation. The premier focus of our firm is Estate Planning, Wills and Probate, Elder Law, Estate and Trust Administration, Asset Preservation, Guardianship, Special Needs Planning, Veterans Benefits and Long-term care.

It's about your legacy

At Stonecipher Hughes, we believe you have a legacy. A legacy is not only about nickels and dimes or property to be passed down, but includes the lessons and values which comprise your life.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to put our Christian faith into practice, by caring for the widow, the orphan, the elderly, the veteran and all of their families, with compassion, advanced legal tools, and sound judgment.